Tuesday 23 October 2007

Deskjet Organ Fabbing

Growing organs outside the body is futuristic enough - but using an ink-jet printer to print a heart... that beats! Incredible.


Monday 15 October 2007

Starship Dimensions - http://www.merzo.net/

Excelent! Should have the Red Dwarf too though.


Monday 8 October 2007

The worst of all possible worlds?

In IT it is often the case that the more efficient an algorithm is in time, the more bloated it will be in memory space. The opposite is also true: It is a rule of thumb that processor cycles and memory footprint are antagonistic.

Some weird, but elegant, new theories in physics and cosmology seem to show something similar: theories that conserve on constants seem to splurge universes.

Promiscuous with universes:
The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics; the universe is a black hole, and all black holes are universes; even the SL4 idea that the world is probably a simulation.

What if they are all true?

If everything is meaningless spam.
If every minor decision makes a swarm of new Me's; if each black hole is the root of another infinite tree of universes; and if in each universe millions of instances of reality are running in simulations.

Gazillions of Me's and all those I love.

And if, as each simulation server crashes, or each black hole evaporates, infinities of souls are wiped out.

How can anyvody aspire to seek any meaning, beyond personal gratification, against such a nightmare of chaos?

(I do though, anyway)