Sunday 18 October 2009


Military personal (ex) returning from Iraq receiving training in green farming.
I would say this is a buy for gold and defensible real-estate.


Sunday 5 July 2009

Non Euclidian Social Geometry

Your neighbours are the people that you interact with.
Close neighborhoods may correlate well, but this is a social not geographical or geometrical space.
This is the space you live in it is more real that euclidean geometry.

You still may not like the person that just moved in next door.


Paying for Media

Payment for Media Content

Pay 2.5CHF for a film. 50cents goes to the distributor. 1 goes to the Artist/Producer. 1 goes into a pot. The pot is split between all the films that you indicate that you like. The bonus remuneration rate is calculated from the money in the pot and the ratio of films you watch to those you like.


Sunday 22 March 2009

Battle Star Galactica

Humans (H0) evolve.
They make Cylons(C0) they fight....

n cycles later:

Humans(Hn+1) make Cylons (Cn+1)
They fight but both sides survive.

Humans(Hn+1) leave in the ship - 12 colonies, sub-light
Cylons(Cn+1) leave for a new beginning on Earth - 13th colony, sub-light
The 13 heads of the tribes cross the hill to the tomb athena and its wormhole to earth.

12 Colonies founded
Thousands of years of relative peace.
Someone returns from the 13th colony: Prophesy of Pithyia delivered, sub-light
They create Cylons (Cn+4)

13th Colony founded on Earth.
They are breeders, breeders = humans therefore: Cn+1 = Hn+2.
They make their own Cylons (Cn+2)
War between Hn+2 and Cn+2
Planet gets nuked - Cn+2 exterminated.
5 humans (Hn+2) manage to make resurrection technology.
Resurrectors = Cylons (Cn+3)
They survive and head to the 12 colonies, at sub-light speeds.
They change the temple of fire to add the 5 pillars or is this Anders??

12 Colonies
5 (Cn+3) meet the Cylons (Cn+4) and stop the war by giving them resurrection.
8 new models (Cn+4.5) created by 5s (Cn+3)
These new models are based on humans who are kidnapped.
One model - David - is based upon the human who first created the Cylons (Cn+4).
David is boxed and erased.
One David survives and has a daughter, Starbuck. Starbuck's mother falls in love with him in the Jungles while fighting in the first Cylon war.

Cylons (Cn+4) attack earth.
Battle Star Galactica
New Caprica
Angels, a guiding hand.
Successful Human (Hn+1) Cylon (Cn+4) hybrid (Hn+1.5)
They arrive at destroyed Earth.
Reductionism fights Hollism.
Hollism wins:
Either have Children or Immortality - each must choose.
Hn+1 and Cn+3 win fight with Cn+4, Jump from next to a black hole, this allows jump to...

Earth again - but not quite.
150K years before our 21stC (H0.5)
But Ms years before BSG main story (aprox. 50M, at least enough time for the continents to look different)
That is why they can breed with the Neanderthals (H0).

[Anders takes the Centurions, ships and technology and doesn't sundive... he jumps forward again into the future to set the whole thing up, probably he is jumping around, watching, with his angels, helping all the children (C and H) looping through their cycles.]

Adama and Mitochondrial Eve
Live, love, eventually we forget the danger and invent technology...

We will make Cylons.
Earth will be destroyed.
We will leave (C or H?), and for Ms years the cycle repeats on countless planets.
Eventually a group of Humans or Cylons lands on Kobol...
The Opera House... etc.


Saturday 21 March 2009

Global Econoclasm

The strike...
...the impact winter
...and the shy little mammals waiting in the shadows for the dinosaurs to perish.


Wednesday 25 February 2009

Mr Wadner

Solution, MAME, Mr Wadner

"kill the specter upstairs and I will tell you a secret" muttered the old crone.

I went through many a ball of thread and dozens of Magic Capes learning to jump the boulders the specter hurled at me. After it finished with the rocks it would lumber towards me to be cut down by my Star Sword.
Yet each time I slayed him he would return, and the Witch would cackle.
Finnaly, frustrated to the point of madness, the answer came to me.
I climbed higher, crossing the rickety floor above and snatched the key. Now I dropped into it's room - provoking the fusillade of rock. These I duely jump.
Again it rushes at me, but I use the key from upstairs to flee its enchanted chamber. It follows, lumbering, ignorant of its immenant fate. I blast it with tides of fire. When the smoke clears the Specter is gone, banished back to whichever foul realm from which it came.

Later the old hag reveals to me a shortcut, greatly speeding me towards my quests end. My darling be patient I come.
Fear me Wadner for I come for you!
(On one credit too, like when I was a lad!)


Tuesday 20 January 2009


As I have blogged before, the sums of money being thrown around by governments and reported in the media are surreal. I always try and put them in perspective.
I watched Planet in Peril on CNN the other night and heard stated that since 1970 there have been 6000 oil leaks in Nigeria, causing a mess in total 10 times the size of the Exon Valdez accident, and that 300 Billion have been wasted or stolen in that time.
Measure this against the 800 Billion bailout package - It would take 80 years of environmental damage and corruption in one of the worlds filthiest, most corrupt countries to equals the financial damage done by the credit mess .

This is one real measure of the worth of such a vast, inconcievable, sum of money.

Another can be seen by comparing the resistance to pushing the 15B auto bailout through, against the relative ease of blowing 800B into the money hole, we see the emperor standing naked. The 800B is monoploy money, shifted from the government to the fed to the banks and back to the fed. Once that money gets free and into pockets it gets real and the inflaton will start.

There are no international controls any more. The average voter does not distinguish between Millions and Billions. Politicians better spend it while it is still worth something.

Long term, the holders of US debt and foriegn currency reserves will be left with nothing. Savers in the US, a virtually non existant class, will loose their savings, but this can be rectified with extrordinary compensation for domestic savers.

But at the end of the day, China ,the primary lender, got a good 20 year run and will be amongst the first to benefit once the dust settles and the world, US included, starts consuming again - probably using a new global currency to do business.