Sunday 22 March 2009

Battle Star Galactica

Humans (H0) evolve.
They make Cylons(C0) they fight....

n cycles later:

Humans(Hn+1) make Cylons (Cn+1)
They fight but both sides survive.

Humans(Hn+1) leave in the ship - 12 colonies, sub-light
Cylons(Cn+1) leave for a new beginning on Earth - 13th colony, sub-light
The 13 heads of the tribes cross the hill to the tomb athena and its wormhole to earth.

12 Colonies founded
Thousands of years of relative peace.
Someone returns from the 13th colony: Prophesy of Pithyia delivered, sub-light
They create Cylons (Cn+4)

13th Colony founded on Earth.
They are breeders, breeders = humans therefore: Cn+1 = Hn+2.
They make their own Cylons (Cn+2)
War between Hn+2 and Cn+2
Planet gets nuked - Cn+2 exterminated.
5 humans (Hn+2) manage to make resurrection technology.
Resurrectors = Cylons (Cn+3)
They survive and head to the 12 colonies, at sub-light speeds.
They change the temple of fire to add the 5 pillars or is this Anders??

12 Colonies
5 (Cn+3) meet the Cylons (Cn+4) and stop the war by giving them resurrection.
8 new models (Cn+4.5) created by 5s (Cn+3)
These new models are based on humans who are kidnapped.
One model - David - is based upon the human who first created the Cylons (Cn+4).
David is boxed and erased.
One David survives and has a daughter, Starbuck. Starbuck's mother falls in love with him in the Jungles while fighting in the first Cylon war.

Cylons (Cn+4) attack earth.
Battle Star Galactica
New Caprica
Angels, a guiding hand.
Successful Human (Hn+1) Cylon (Cn+4) hybrid (Hn+1.5)
They arrive at destroyed Earth.
Reductionism fights Hollism.
Hollism wins:
Either have Children or Immortality - each must choose.
Hn+1 and Cn+3 win fight with Cn+4, Jump from next to a black hole, this allows jump to...

Earth again - but not quite.
150K years before our 21stC (H0.5)
But Ms years before BSG main story (aprox. 50M, at least enough time for the continents to look different)
That is why they can breed with the Neanderthals (H0).

[Anders takes the Centurions, ships and technology and doesn't sundive... he jumps forward again into the future to set the whole thing up, probably he is jumping around, watching, with his angels, helping all the children (C and H) looping through their cycles.]

Adama and Mitochondrial Eve
Live, love, eventually we forget the danger and invent technology...

We will make Cylons.
Earth will be destroyed.
We will leave (C or H?), and for Ms years the cycle repeats on countless planets.
Eventually a group of Humans or Cylons lands on Kobol...
The Opera House... etc.